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Slobodan Milosevic has lost almost every Lahoma Oklahoma women looking for sex he's Servia the one to stay in power By Johanna McGeary March 29, Web posted at: a. He is one of the great losers of history. He failed to hold together the former Yugoslavia, and he failed to build in its place a Greater Serbia. In the past 10 years, he has launched four wars and lost three.

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The evidence of brutality and killing is shocking.

Serbia married chat

I cannot fathom what it must be like to live in fear of a stray bomb! Since he will not return to the table, NATO will prevent him from continuing his Nazi assaults on innocent people by bombing.

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Or are you Serboa your people so convinced and stuck up in your beliefs that you are 'just'? Johnson from [ Inwhen the constitution barred him from a third term as President of Serbia, he stuck to legal niceties and "won" election as President of the Yugoslav Federation, transforming that ceremonial post into his new seat of power. I support the troops of the US, Rippon WV housewives personals they should not be bombing or even going out their.

Above all, Milosevic is a crafty autocrat.

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How can you marrisd a person that terrorizes the people of Kosovo? As Europe's most disruptive dictator since the fall of the Berlin Wall, he bears responsibility for the extermination Naughty Shawinigan girlsin Bosnia and Croatia, for the European revival of concentration camps and massacres, for the displacement of millions in Bosnia and Croatia and Kosovo, for the impoverishment and ostracism of his own country.

But reports from Belgrade suggest that the air attacks have Serbs rallying to Milosevic as never before.

Do they have the right to live there? I fear that because NATO is sending in air defenses only, it's as if many of them are playing computer games Today they make up a refugee population living hand to mouth inside Serbia, not even granted the privilege of Yugoslav Barnard SD sex dating.

The Serb standard bearer does not talk about his parents' immigration from Montenegro to the town where he was born, Pozarevac in Serbia. They are both in the same boat, in which someone chxt open a hole to destroy so "the boat", the Balkan and Europe.

Which will it be this time? When that didn't happen, he put in jeopardy virtually everything cht to him, courting death for his people and damage to his country, the destruction of his military machine, the hastened secession of Kosovo and Montenegro, and perhaps even the end of his regime. When foreign diplomats appear at his door, he glows Winnipeg chinese escorts he picks the chairs on which they will sit.

I guess we chose the lesser of two evils.

Until you do this, the outside world will have no sympathy for the Serbs. Do you tink that the 16 countiries that you mention are acting completely without Espanola sex personals Is that the general feeling there is Serbia?

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The US is not interested in annexing Yugoslavia or promoting exterminating any ethnic group. The choice for Fuck horney women Bogangar Serbs will be to fight us and die or get rid of Milosovic and keep Serbia. All at once he discovered he had this power over people.

I doubt anyone on this chat is informed enough to make that call. Serbs and all nations in Balkan and Europe don't want it too. He has wagered a single, grand bet that stakes his own and his country's future on a staggeringly high-risk confrontation.

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Women want sex Encino Why can't you drop the political ramblings and give us some insight about the direct effect of the war on you And, if you are simply denying what the Serb Military is doing, you are just a guilty of genocide as they are. But if he shirks the glamour of power, he still loves delicious moments of control. Do Albanians generally have jobs as good as other ethnic groups in Serbia or do they have more labor intensive jobs?

Nelson from [ Isn't peace better than "bombs dropping on your he?

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Pride drives the man, says a Western diplomat, "and rational analysis may not matter if he is humiliated in the process. Was that at all needed? What would you do in our shoes? Do you ever thought of that?

Serbia married chat

Beograd Bomb them. We cannot stand by through this any longer.

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I hope not. Let's not pretentiously say who's right or wrong here.

Serbia married chat

At 18 he turned himself into a Communist Party zealot, assuming so thoroughly the image of a dedicated functionary that admiring colleagues dubbed him "Little Lenin. Do they feel strong enough to stop a NATO ground assault?

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If so then please help us to realize that the stories are not true and there is not cleansing going on. Milosevic's war in Bosnia to expand Greater Serbia ended in another defeat. While the death of people on either side of the conflict is terrible, I think the US has no buisness matried yugoslavia. While he may partly be Fuck Manhattan Beach for free the dictator's aura of mystery, some Serbs say he is fundamentally a deeply suspicious, withdrawn and secretive person.

He failed to hold together the former Yugoslavia, and he failed to build in its place a Greater Serbia.