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Lander: Oh, goodness, there's so much sequencing going on today. It actually doesn't come color-coded; it doesn't come with little special marks saying "This is important.

Lander adult fun

Krulwich: So let's change the argument. Lander: If you looked inside the body adut a mouse, you see lungs, you see hearts, you see pancreases.

Lander adult fun

They'd fly you everywhere. We can make lots more complex tinker toys out of these parts, because we've combined those modules in twice or three times as many combinations.

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Krulwich: Very? Krulwich: So if God fkn deing into this system, He may or She may or It may have deed the evolutionary process, but there's nothing that you have seen beyond the evolutionary process from your recent work? Presumably, it works the other way, too, although we don't do it, because it's not ethical.

Krulwich: If I could read each of the individual letters, I might find audlt picture of what? Krulwich: So I've got five percent that's making me, a lot of stuff that's jumping around and then trash or junk? Now medicine can narrow-cast. That's what the Human Genome Project is about is getting a parts list. But we got five or Housewives wants real sex Huntly times as many donors as we were going to use.

And so the folks who did the genome project decided very early on that we Lanrer just put our data on the Web, the information we got every single day, 24 hours a day, and that way, anybody Lnder is working on some brain degeneration or some bowel disease could look at it, and see if they found something really useful.

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Lander: Indeed, many people argued in the 's that we should just spend the money, sequencing the important stuff. It's a challenge, right? Lander: Yes, although we're not that good at hearing the melodies yet. And there's no doubt it's the same object, even though it's Wives looking sex Sugarbush Valley some over one and a half billion years. Understanding it as science and then understanding it as people.

Lander adult fun

What is that about? One of the great things that-- Krulwich: You save a couple of good things and you save a couple of Sweet temptations bendigo things, and it all adds up.

Lander adult fun

Lander: Identical twins, it's percent of the chromosomes are the same. That's the difference. If you took off the skin of a mouse, went right in and looked at the cell, Lanedr you just see the same exact stuff, in the same exact order that you see in me?

I'd say, it's 98 percent of the genes in the mouse, you fu find clear matches in a human. And there's this huge new land to explore. I'd say it's way past chopsticks, and we may not quite be Mozart, but there's no doubt that we have more lines of music coming in together, in a much more complex melody that's coming out of it.

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Humans haven't invented a lot of new modules I've got to say. Lander: Right. Everybody looks for the genome and thinks, "Ah!

Lander adult fun

How do you-- You said you got a mix, 10 or 12 people. Lander: Oh, yes.

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Laander that they would be proud to tell their grandchildren what they spent these years doing. Krulwich: Is there any place on the genome that is safe to work on, that's unclouded by legal uncertainty? If you haven't done a whole lot, I guess you want the people to do some serious science, some research, some benchmark, actually manipulate these things?

No committee of engineers getting together, no matter how smart, would have come up with a human being. Indeed, only a few percent are probably needed to manufacture all the proteins in your body.

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Krulwich: Where? But the raw data, for example, of tun is in the phone book, that should be available to everybody. I don't even have to go up the hill. Krulwich: I get the sense that everybody is getting out of the gene business and suddenly going into this new business I hear about called the protein business. Krulwich: Here's one of the big astonishments, to me.