Review: Robyn offers ‘Honey’ to fans and they eat it up

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Robyn paused midway through “Dancing On My Own,” standing still on the stage, sans any music, and just enjoyed the scene.

The crowd, which had been passionately singing along to that signature song from the Swedish electro-dance-pop star’s fifth album, 2010’s “Body Talk Pt. 1,” absolutely showered the Robyn with adoration.

It went on and on, as fans cheered, screamed, applauded and went downright gaga on Monday (Feb. 25), which was the first half of a sold-out two-night stand at the Fox Theater in Oakland. And just when you thought the crowd couldn’t scream anymore, well, it did.

Yeah, I think it’s fair to say that these fans had been looking forward to this night for quite some time.

Fortunately, Robyn — whose real/full name is Robin Miriam Carlsson — didn’t let the fans down as she delivered an enjoyable night of ambitious dance music that was as deep in grooves as it was in thought.

It was night 3 of Robyn’s Honey Tour 2019, which opened to rave reviews on Friday (Feb. 22) at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles.

The tour supports 2018’s “Honey,” Robyn’s eighth studio album overall and her first since 2010’s “Body Talk.”

Eight years is a very long time to go between albums, yet this one has proved worth the wait. “Honey” turned out to be one of the most critically acclaimed efforts of last year, jump-starting a comeback story that just grows more satisfying with each new chapter.

Robyn, 39, strongly showcased the new album in Oakland, dedicating roughly half of the show to the “Honey” material. Many of these songs — such as “Because It’s In the Music” and, especially, “Missing U” — ranked among the top highlights of the night.

The show began in dramatic fashion as the five-piece backing band took the stage and began to work its way through the new album’s “Send to Robin Immediately,” yet the star herself was nowhere to be seen. Then, finally, she appeared at the back of the smoke-filled, dimly lit stage, and basically just held her position. She was merely a silhouette for the first few moments, until, finally, she’d move toward the crowd and begin to stake her claim among the most intriguing pop stars of today.

She’d signal it was party time with “Indestructible,” pouring herself into the song and charging up the crowd with her dance moves and powerful vocals. She didn’t talk much to the audience during the show, but she would take time to issue a quick compliment — “Hey, Oakland, you look good! — early in the night.

She kept the motor humming along at a steady pace for the first half of the main set, delivering satisfying takes on “Be Mine!” and “Ever Again,” before turning the place into full-fledged dance club mode with “Between the Lines” and “Love Is Free.” Robyn spent more time boogying to the music than she did making music during that segment. Yet, the crowd couldn’t get enough.

She’d eventually bring the dance party to a close and launch into a powerful version of her best song, “Dancing On My Own,” which drew a huge sing-along from the crowd. Robyn then closed out the main set with a poignant double shot of “Missing U” and “Call Your Girlfriend.”


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Review: Robyn offers ‘Honey’ to fans and they eat it up