Holy Pinto Announce U.S. Tour, Release New Single “Wisconsin” to Celebrate!



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LISTEN: Tales From the Traveling T-Shirt Salesman
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WATCH: “Gold Leaf” (Official Video)


“Holy Pinto’s EP Tales From the Traveling T-Shirt Salesman arrives in June
 and if single "Gold Leaf" is any indication, we’re due for a collection of infectious and heartfelt songs that are
lightly sentimental but packed with a heft that recalls the loud/quiet/loud of the best ’90s pop.”
Pop Matters

“There’s an island breeze kind of warmth to these songs that pulls you in, pours you a drink, and begs you to see the night through with them.”Substream Magazine

“Incredibly well done rock tune with its roots in classic emo and pop-punk
from a melodic perspective.”
New Noise Magazine

“The video is enchanting in its intimacy and the song is equally as charming.”Paste Magazine


Upon the release of his latest EP, Tales From The Traveling T-Shirt Salesman, Holy Pinto immediately returned home to support the release in his native country, the United Kingdom. This fall, the project will finally bring their dynamic live show back to the United States where it’s creator, Aymen Saleh, now calls home. In support of this tour and as a way of paying homage to his new home base of Milwaukee, Saleh surprised fans this morning with a new track entitled “Wisconsin”. This latest single is a heartfelt love letter penned to his adopted hometown – translated through thoughtfully picked guitars and Aymen’s beautiful command of melody with just the right touch of vocal harmonies and spacey guitar leads sprinkled into the mix. You can stream “Wisconsin” now on Soundcloud and Spotify and look for it live when Holy Pinto hits the road in November. 

Holy Pinto first made a name for the project through their relentless commitment to touring and their ability to bring an emotionally charged performance every night. It was here, living in his van as he crisscrossed the country, that Aymen found a lot of the inspiration for, and even the name of, his latest EP Tales From The Traveling T-Shirt Salesman. Aymen will be loading those boxes of merchandise back into his van starting November 1st as he sets out for a full national tour of the U.S. playing his latest music to many of his fans for the first time. You can find all of his confirmed dates below and stay tuned as they continue to add more shows over the coming weeks. 

Two years after the release of their critically acclaimed debut EP, Congratulations, Holy Pinto returned with a sparkling sophomore effort this past summer entitled Tales From The Traveling T-Shirt Salesman. This latest release from the Milwaukee-by-way-of-Canterbury-England indie pop-rock project fronted by AymenSaleh, picks up where their debut left off but still manages to incorporate a much wider array of influences – reflecting the personal and creative growth that Aymen has experienced in the time since Congratulations. You can listen to it now on Spotify or Soundcloud and the EP is available for purchase through Monkey Boy Records




Gold Leaf
Bitter Enemies
Very Adult


Holy Pinto is an indie pop band from Canterbury, England led by singer and songwriter, Aymen Saleh. Playing colorful pop-rock anthems through the lens of pop-punk and emo, Holy Pinto sings about love, growing up, the tyranny of distance and, often, the bittersweet taste of nostalgia. Originally formed as a duo between Aymen and his friend, Ryan Hurley, the project released its debut record, Congratulations, in April of 2016 and embarked on a restless tour-schedule involving runs in the UK, Europe and the United States to support the release. Receiving favorable coverage from websites such as the AV Club and The Alternative and Gold Flake Paint, Congratulations ruminated heavily on the choice of whether to take root and nurture close relationships or live headless-chickenly – chasing travel, experience and dreams of becoming a musician. Aymen would end up choosing the latter – stripping out the backseats of the band’s passenger van to install a mattress and makeshift bedroom while on tour in the United States. The project became more of a solo endeavor and nomadic entity, but eventually settled on Milwaukee, Wisconsin as a home base from which to release the project’s new EP – Tales from the Travelling T-shirt Salesman.


Holy Pinto Tour Dates
11/1 – Minneapolis, MN – House Show
11/4 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Underground
11/5 – Boise, ID – TBD
11/7 – Seattle, WA – Woodland Theatre
11/8 – Portland, OR – No Fun
11/9 – Redding, CA – The Annex
11/12 – Fullerton, CA – Riff Mountain
11/13 – Phoenix, AZ – Pebble Beach
11/17 – Houston, TX – TBD
11/18 – Denton, TX – Company Brewing
11/19 – Oklahoma City, OK – TBD
11/24 – Shrewsbury, NJ – Christ Church
11/27 – Middletown, CT – Mac 650
11/28 – Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Roboto
11/29 – Detroit, MI – The Sanctuary
12/1 – Milwaukee, WI – House Show


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